Digital Gold API

Digital Gold API

Display live gold rates on your site or program - Our gold API is used by hundreds of gold traders worldwide and provides them with a quality and dependable gold price in various currencies that are popular.

Our Digital Gold API can be used by thousands of traders worldwide! Keep your pricing. At Cyrus Recharge we also provide paid solutions which include custom gold price payout charts based on your given payout values for every single item! Our gold price feeds have a guaranteed uptime of 99.9% significance that the feed is always accessible.

Our server is fast and equipped to take care of and function to price without slowing your website. We offer the feed-in several formats including but not limited to XML, RSS, JSON, iframe, item, and flash. We are confident you will love our gold feed web service.


Key Features of Our Digital Gold API

  • API for real-time, postponed, historical and tick-by-tick periodicity
  • Real-time precious metals cost API for gold
  • London adjusting prices API for gold, silver, palladium, and platinum
  • Delayed futures prices for gold
  • API for over twelve types
  • Metals price API for platinum group metals and base metals
  • Historical and intraday charts API
  • Spot and futures prices for silver, gold, palladium, and silver

Key Benefits of Gold API

  • Use a trusted gold cost API used by hundreds of companies in the industry.
  • Access institutional quality real-time precious metal prices through an easy-to-use API.
  • Easily embed real-time gold costs and other metals on your applications--such as spreadsheets, websites, mobile programs, along with other corporate programs.
  • Dramatically reduce the time to market for apps that require precious metal prices.
  • Remove the pains and sophistication of legacy feeds using cloud APIs